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Bariatric & Weight Loss Center

UNC Regional Physicians Bariatric & Weight Loss Center

More than just weight loss...

The UNC Regional Physicians Bariatric & Weight Loss Center is a resource of bariatic surgery and medical weight loss for patients across the country who seek the healthful improvement that significant weight loss can have on an individual’s lifestyle and health. High blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, elevated cholesterol and emotional well-being are just a few of the complications faced by people who are severely overweight. Because the health consequences of obesity can be so severe and because obesity has reached epidemic proportions in our community and across America, High Point Regional is pleased to offer this great comprehensive center to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Bariatric surgical procedures and medical weight loss have been shown to effectively treat obesity and to significantly reduce the health risks associated with excess weight. For more information about the surgical procedures we offer as well as the medical weight loss options we offer we encourage you to attend one of our free informational seminars or to talk with someone about becoming a patient, call (336) 878-6888.

The Bariatric and Weight Loss Center is a full service weight loss clinic that will meet all of your needs in the convenience of one location.

•An on-site Nutrition Shop stocked with the vitamins, nutrition supplements, and meal replacement products recommended by our doctors and dietitians
•Bariatric Surgeons, Exercise specialists, Psychologist and Dietitians on-staff who specialize in working with weight loss clients
•An on-site gym for one on one personalized workouts with our Exercise Specialists
•Class rooms for Support Group meetings as well as nutrition and exercise classes

We believe that there is not one weight loss option that works for everyone and therefore we treat each patient individually when deciding which weight loss option is ideal for you. We are committed to helping our patients achieve long term weight loss success and will be there to support you every step of the way.

     • Bariatric Surgery Informational Seminars - FREE
     • Bariatric Surgery Patient Support Group
Cancer Center
The American College of Surgeons recently designated the Cancer Center of High Point Regional Health System as a "Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program". This designation is the highest one available to non-teaching hospitals. For patients or their loved ones who are fighting a battle with cancer, that accreditation means that they'll receive state-of-the-art care at a center that has access to the latest developments in cancer care. And, because the Cancer Center is part of High Point Regional, you can rely on the same compassionate caregiving that has always been a staple in High Point. One of the center's major components is the Lillian J. Phillips Cancer Pavilion, which houses the Radiation Oncology department. Since its inception in 1987, the department has seen more than 2,700 patients and given more than 51,000 treatments, all in an effort to fulfill the Pavilion's mission of providing quality, cost-effective, compassionate radiation therapy services. On the oncology unit, the nationally certified staff of caregivers have years of experience with cancer patients. They use their acquired knowledge to assist in solving the complex problems that cancer patients and their loved ones face. The Cancer Center's Registry is a department which gathers data from all patients diagnosed and/or treated at the Center and follows each patient on an annual basis for life. The data allows the Center to collaborate with other cancer centers and physicians around the country to ensure that you receive the best cancer care available. These and many other pieces are woven together to provide a continuous blanket of cancer care at High Point Regional. From the Radiologist who reads your computed tomography results, to the the dietitian who prescribes your diet, to the volunteer who serves as a friendly visitor during your stay, the people in High Point Regional's Cancer Center are driven by a dedication to provide patients and loved ones with the best cancer care available.
     • Breast Cancer Support Group
     • Living With Cancer
     • Look Good....Feel Better
     • Men's Cancer Support Group
     • Transportation Help for People with Cancer
Carolina Reg Heart Center
Carolina Regional Heart Center is located on the campus of High Point Regional Health and offers a vast array of services focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease as well as Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The center has comprehensive diagnostic capabilities including stress testing, echocardiography and Holter recording. Treatment options available in our Heart Center range from cardiac catheterization, to angioplasty and stenting procedures as well as open heart surgery for advanced cases. For more information about Carolina Regional Heart Center, click on the Request Callback button below to complete your request or call The Contact Center at High Point Regional at (336) 878-6888 or toll-free 1-877-878-7644.
     • Heart Mates
Childbirth Services
High Point Regional's Women's Center works with expectant mothers in many ways. Educational classes like "The Expectant Parenting Series" provide the information pregnant women need to understand the childbearing process.

After the birth of a baby, many other issues need to be considered. The Women's Center provides informational sessions in classes like "Mommy & Me" and "Infant Feeding - Breastfeeding".

We also like to involve the family in the arrival of a newborn by providing tours of our childbirth suite and newborn nursery for siblings and grandparents as well as expectant parents.

Many professionals and programs come together at the Women's Center to provide the highest quality of care both in the hospital and on an outpatient basis.

     • Expectant Parent Tour
     • Expectant Parenting Classes
     • Family Tour
     • Infant Feeding - Breastfeeding
     • Mommy & Me!
     • Natural Childbirth Classes - NEW!
Community Programs
For decades High Point Regional has maintained an emphasis on education, wellness and prevention. Our Commitment to the philosophy is evident in the many classes, screenings and support groups we offer. From smoking cessation to blood sugar screenings to prenatal education, we want to provide you with tools to keep you and your family healthy. To learn more about the many community health services that we offer, call our Contact Center at (336) 878-6888, or click on the Events & Classes link to search by topic.
     • High Point Regional Wellness Series
     • Smoking Cessation Class
Fitness Center
At the The Fitness Center, you'll find much more than a health club. You'll find a place that represents the future of health and wellness. A place that offers the equipment and amenities of a fitness center - but whose foundation is dramatically different. The Fitness Center is a medically based fitness facility owned and operated by the Carolina Regional Heart Center at High Point Regional. We belive the key to developing effective fitness programs is understanding your overall health. Our staff has expertise in fitness as well as exercise physiology, sports science, nutrition, nursing and medicine. We offer a seamless system of services, from innovative exercise programs, to rehabilitation, to health and wellness classes. Our certified and degreed staff works with each member to design an individual program that will keep you motivated to stick with your pgoram. All of our programs are designed to provide you with safe, effective workouts in a friendly environment.
     • CancerFITT
Neuroscience Center
The services of the Neuroscience Center focus on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of an array of neurosurgical problems such as headaches, sleeplessness, strokes, seizures and head and spinal injuries. High Point Regional Hospital houses several pieces of the Center. The Neurodiagnostic Laboratory, located on the Hospital's second floor, provides tests for patients to assure the proper diagnosis of neurological disorders. The lab tests for a variety of health complaints including headaches, seizures, memory loss, black-out spells and numbness. Many professionals and programs come together under the Neuroscience Center to provide the highest quality of care for the Triad community.
     • Brain Injury Support Group
     • Stroke Support Group
Piedmont Joint Center
High Point Regional Health System's Piedmont Joint Replacement Center "Unique in Its Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary Program" The Piedmont Joint Replacement Center at High Point Regional Health System is an 18-bed Center located on the 8th floor of the hospital and is totally dedicated to providing comprehensive care and services for those undergoing total or partial joint replacement for the knee, hip and shoulder. It is a collaborative project with the orthopaedic surgeons at Regional Physicians Orthopedics and High Point Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, who have provided leadership in the development of the Center and who offer the Center's patients their surgical expertise.
     • Free Knee & Hip Pain Seminar
Premier Medical Plaza
All the medical services your family needs with all of the conveniences you want. Our new 128,000 square foot outpatient medical facility stands four-stories featuring over 40 of the best doctors in the region. The services offered include primary care and specialty physician practices, imaging and laboratory services, an outpatient surgery suite and community education classrooms. The facility provides a wide range of coordinated services, all under one roof.
     • Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness - October seminar
Ragsdale YMCA
High Point Regional Health System and The Jamestown YMCA have joined forces to bring you the Health Resource Center. The Center features access to health information and information on local health services by way of the internet and the Health System's Contact Center. The Center will also provide timely health discussions with local health experts.
     • Lunch & Learn
The Rehab Center
     • Amputee Support Group - NEW
     • Lymphadema Treatment Program
     • Safe Driver Screening Program